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Phone: +251907660707

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A biomedical engineering firm intended to solve your problems

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Bitweded Tower, Dembel Bole Road,
Addis Ababa

Phone: +251-907-77-6677

Mail: service@trustbiomedical.com

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Trust Biomedical Plc.

Our journey began in 2020, inspired by our collective backgrounds in hospital setup and local medical distribution. Trust Biomedical Solutions is comprised of experienced biomedical engineers who have witnessed the ups and downs of this industry. Throughout our path, we have realized the true value of our impact.

What keeps us united and drives us forward is our unwavering passion for what we do. We've gone the extra mile, offering both registered and unregistered physical and on-call services to hospital professionals. We understand the importance of giving back to the healthcare community.

Today, Trust Biomedical Solutions is actively seeking partnerships and contract agreements with international brands and service providers who share our commitment to quality and excellence. We also welcome collaboration with local importers and individuals interested in starting import businesses in Ethiopia, Somalia, and South Sudan.

Our doors are wide open for partnerships, and we are on a mission to find NGOs in the healthcare industry that support remote and underprivileged healthcare setups. By joining forces, we aim to make a meaningful impact on healthcare systems in need. At Trust Biomedical Solutions, we are more than a business; we are a dedicated team driven by our passion for healthcare excellence and a vision for a brighter, healthier future.

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Bitweded Tower, Dembel Bole Road, Addis Ababa

Mail: service@trustbiomedical.com

Phone: +251-907-66-0707

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Our team is dedicated to providing proactive maintenance service and support solutions designed to lower customers costs, improve operating efficiency, maximize equipment performance and reliability, extend asset life, enhance workplace safety and reduce medical equipment downtime. We work with many government and defense organizations to deliver their trusted maintenance services

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